Beginner's Korean

Are you a fan of K-Pop, K-Dramas, or other parts of Korean pop culture? I know I am! This course is designed for the absolute beginner in Korean or one who would like a refresher on a particular area covered in this course. It is intended to form a solid foundation in the language as they begin their language learning journey, because who wouldn't one day love to listen and understand songs or watch a drama without subtitles?

Each class will cover various foundational parts of the Korean language. These will include:

1) Reading and pronunciation of Hangul (the Korean alphabet)

2) Subject/object particles

3) Other significant markers, such as those to denote time, location, and possession

4) Korean sentence structure

5) Introduction to the Korean honorific system

6) Essential phrases and their pronunciation, of things such as greetings and introductions

If time permits throughout the course, the following could also be included:

7) Fundamental vocabulary, including pronunciation, of both the Korean and Sino-Korean number systems, honorific titles, and interpersonal relational terms (e.g., father, mother, teacher, etc.)
8) Basic conjugation of essential vocabulary

Students are also welcome to offer any other aspect they'd like to learn related to Korean pop cultures, such as learning everyday slang as heard in lyrics or variety shows. These will be incorporated into the lesson material if time permits and as is best-seen fit.
NOTE: the lesson above material is subject to change to fit the students' needs best.

Required materials:

1) Reliable internet access
2) An email to which the class material can be sent

How it works:

1) All meetings will be conducted virtually, either through Zoom or Google Hangouts.
2) The material will be emailed two days before each session for students to get acquainted with the upcoming class material. It will come as either a word document or a PowerPoint presentation.
3) Formal instruction will take place during the live session, where I'll be able to answer questions and/or offer any immediate feedback.
4) The live class meetings will include a review of the previous material and tying it into the presentation of the new content. Students will be encouraged to participate actively and verbally answer questions to practice pronunciation. Short dialogues or roleplay may also be presented.

NOTE: While I understand that speaking is foundational to learning any language, I will never force a student to speak if they do not feel comfortable with it. I most definitely encourage all of my students to participate actively; however, it is my philosophy that forcing a student out of their comfort zone often does more harm than good. Every student has a different learning style, and I strive to respect that individuality within my classroom.

5) At the end of each class, a reading, writing, or speaking assignment will be given, which will be due at the next class meeting. Students are invited to email me with any questions that arise over the week. If they must, they are allowed to use translation engines; however, please keep in mind that this is a double-edged sword which could, unfortunately, lead to reliance or a student not fully comprehending the material, as sadly not all translations are accurate or flow logically or naturally in conversation.

Teacher's Bio: 안녕하세요! My name is Miok and I am so excited to get you started on your journey of learning Korean! I am 27 years old, the eldest of three, and during the school year work part-time as a substitute teacher, something I’ve done for the past two years and love more than words can describe. In addition to being a substitute teacher, I have also held other jobs in environments where Korean was the more prevalent language, including as a waitress at a Korean restaurant and as a freelance translator and journalist for various K-Pop entertainment websites (think Soompi). Before all of that, I graduated in 2017 with my Bachelor of Science in psychology from Oregon State University after having earned my Associate of Arts in English at my local junior college. My entire baccalaureate was earned online, from the advanced seminar courses to my organic chemistry classes, so I am very familiar with how distance courses are structured and organised. Additionally, and somewhat ironically, I also possess a TEFL certificate with an emphasis on grammar. Believe it or not, I am actually ethnically half Chinese. However, culturally I'm half Korean, as my grandparents spent their formative years in Korea before immigrating to the United States. They took care of me for much of my childhood, so I grew up doing a lot of code-switching between Korean and English depending on to whom I was speaking. I hated that at the time, but looking back it’s something that’s greatly strengthened by command of the Korean language. I also grew up surrounded by K-Pop, as it was always my mom's favourite genre of music. One of my very first talent show performances was to "Candy" by H.O.T., and looking back I can't believe I ever went up on stage wearing those crazy gloves (I’m sure that video still survives on the internet somewhere). Between the conversations with my grandparents and my early exposure to K-Pop, I was able to form and maintain my knowledge of the Korean language, and hope to share it with others as it was shared with me. It means so much to me to see others interested in the Korean language and culture, and I want nothing more than for others to be able to cultivate a deeper connection too.
Style of Offering : This will be an interactive and collaborative classroom. It will be split around 60/40 teacher speaking time-to-student activity or speaking time.
Max Number of Attendees: 4
Min Number of Attendees: 1
Date and Time : Saturdays 10-11a, August 15 to October 17
Signup Deadline: 48 Hours in Advance