Introduction to Acrylic Painting

An introductory course for those interested in acrylic painting.

We will go over color theory, look at the subtle differences between paint pigments, study values, and build forms through acrylic paint. We may even get into more advanced techniques such as glazing, layering, and the use of acrylic mediums.

This course will be a mixture of drawing from life and imagination. I will also be happy to help with your portfolio if you are looking to apply to art school.

Teacher's Bio: I am an illustrator and painter located in Brooklyn, New York. I am currently working on my masters in illustration at the School of Visual Arts. I have been published in various magazines, and have had gallery shows in Boston, Los Angels, New York, and Providence. My personal work is inspired by the natural work, absurdities of everyday life, and surrealist themes.
Style of Offering : This course will be a mix of online, and in-person if you are in the Brooklyn area. Please note that if you elect to take the course in-person a face mask is required, and you must have you temperature checked before entering my house.
Max Number of Attendees: 5
Date and Time : Thursdays 6PM-8PM
Signup Deadline: 48 Hours in Advance