Kung fu for kids


Gong fu (kung fu) literally translate as "Hard work" to reach the ability.

The most important lesson your kids will learn from Kung fu classes is that they can achieve what they really want in life, through discipline and hard work. Other benefits arise from diligence in the training, such as confidence, focus, and self control. Through the acquired confidence and self-defense training, your kids will know how to deal with bullying.

Course Description

Training build skills progressively and at individual pace. Each lesson includes basic movements, forms, and tumbling exercises. At more advanced levels, children learn weapon handling and forms.


​Gong fu training improves gross motor skills, coordination and flexibility, and ensures good health.

Teacher's Bio: http://kickact.org/ Jing Shifu dedicated a life time to the learning and teaching of Chinese Martial arts. Training with Jing Shifu is a unique experience because she exposes students to a wide range of highly effective martial arts styles and techniques. ​ Holding a bachelor in Chinese, she also offers a learned perspective and a deeper understanding of the cultural background of Chinese martial arts. ​ Jing Shifu has years of experience teaching children, adults, and seniors. Education: Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science; Bachelor of Arts in Chinese language and culture; Master in Intercultural Service, Leadership and Management.
Style of Offering : interactive, on Zoom or in person if you are in Portland
Max Number of Attendees: 10
Date and Time : Every Saturday morning 9:30-10:30 AM
Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance