Book Dreamers Coaching

Do you have a book inside you? Have others urged you to write a book about your life journey or something that you're passionate about? Is writing a book a dream you carry around inside, one that won't leave you alone?

Writing a book is a magical, creative journey with many twists and turns, long uphill climbs, dead ends, leisurely sightseeing and joyful downhill cruises. To get from an idea or vision to a published book can be a daunting undertaking if one is unprepared. With some simple guidance and regular support, the way can be made both manageable and at times, even smooth. The bottom line here is that you can make your dream a reality and you can start today! You no longer have to put it off for some vague tomorrow. Your dream is NOT going away, so why not see what it feels like to start making it happen.

The Book Dreamers Package helps you:

~ Learn to access your Muse and write without effort
~ Find and trust your unique voice
~ Develop a creative habit
~ Organize your creative time
~ Determine the ideal creative space
~ Set a deadline and create a timeline
~ Determine the overall theme, intention and objective
~ Overcome resistance, negative self-talk and obstacles
~ Gather resources
~ Plus more!

Book Dreamers is for you if:

~ You're feeling resistance or blocked creatively
~ You need a sounding board, fresh ideas and strategies
~ You' re looking for help organizing your writing
~ You have difficulty with doubt and procrastination
~ You want some accountability in your life
~ You would benefit from additional resources and validation
~ You are committed to completing your book project
~ You're ready to take yourself seriously

Teacher's Bio: Victoria is the author of Creative Alchemy: Accessing the Extraordinary Power of the Muse to Transform Your Art & Your Life. She has been writing essays, short stories, plays and screenplays for over four decades. Her writing has been published in numerous publications and anthologies. A creative coach, seasoned group facilitator and workshop leader, Victoria has over three decades of experience leading group and workshops throughout the U.S.
Style of Offering : One-on-one coaching
Max Number of Attendees: 1
Date and Time : TBD
Signup Deadline: None