Yin/Vinyasa Fusion Flow

Get ready to let go of what no longer serves you through movement, music and a class truly filled with positive energy. Yin/Vinyasa Fusion (also referred to as Yin Yang Yoga) is a yoga class that combines the best of both Yin and Vinyasa yoga. Weaving together the fast paced movement of Vinyasa with Restorative Yin postures, the practice has something for everyone. The Vinyasa portion warms the body up and rids your body of excess Prana, and the Yin postures help you release into a deeper state of relaxation, ending class feeling rejuvenated, sweaty and stress free.

Teacher's Bio: Emily is a New York City Actress and Yoga teacher with 10+ years of yoga experience. She began practicing to help with her flexibility as a dancer, but found so much more and fell in the love with the beauty of yoga's spiritual and physical combination. Emily's classes are driven by a love for movement, music and she values a positive, fun class environment above all else.
Style of Offering : Yoga for all levels
Max Number of Attendees: 20
Signup Deadline: 48 Hours in Advance