Game Changers in American Cinema History

Certain films in American history - whether they intended to or not - changed the way that films were either made or distributed or promoted. We'll chart American film history through these landmark films, discuss what they changed, why, the films they influenced and the legacy of the changes they made in the industry.

These films changed the films in very different ways - whether it be performance style, scope, the craft of filmmaking or the business of it, we'll look at some of the most important films in movie history, but this time with an eye toward their impact and legacy.

Before beginning the course, we will have a virtual free introductory meeting with the group to get a sense of what the individual experiences and interests are as far as the course is concerned. The exact syllabus of the course will be determined from that initial meeting.

Teacher's Bio: Jonathan Betzler graduated from the Film/TV program from the prestigious New York University. He has worked as an industry professional on indie films, shorts and commercials for 25 years, including with the Oscar-winning Merchant Ivory Productions. He has directed the indie feature Homecoming, the web series Intersection along with many short films. He was the host of the film discussion show Film Revision for the NYC PBS affiliate WNET and now co-hosts the No-Name Cinema Society podcast.
Style of Offering : Interactive discussion with student feedback combined with instructor giving context and historical information along with technique analysis.
Max Number of Attendees: 9
Date and Time : Flexible - once enough students sign up, we will find a mutually agreeable time to meet on a weekly basis.
Signup Deadline: None