Ho'oponopono: Love, Accept, Forgive, Give Thanks and Get Happy!

Learn the ancient Hawaiian technique of problem solving through Ho'oponopono. Start your journey to clarity and inner peace through the profound practice of forgiveness, love, acceptance and the art of letting go. Peace begins from within, which means that we must learn to take full responsibility for our lives. All of our journeys are different, but the desired destination of inner peace is all consuming and ever the same. Are you ready to come home to yourself? Let's go home together.


Teacher's Bio: Amy Asaturyan is a professional writer, author and student and teacher of many self help disciplines and modalities. The practice that speaks to her the most is an ancient Hawaiian problem solving technique called Ho’oponopono. Amy is a Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner and is well versed in the art of inner and outer transformation through love, acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude. She has written dozens of articles and has authored several books in many different arenas. She believes that finding your joy by coming home to yourself and creating inner peace no matter the external circumstances, is the most important and never ending journey we will ever take. All life is vibration, to change your world, you must change your vibrations. Learn more about Amy’s self help coaching practice at www.theselfhelpcollective.com. Learn more about Amy and her writing career at www.amyasaturyan.com.
Style of Offering : Join Amy every Saturday for a live, interactive, one hour course designed to uplift and transform through thoughtful yet simple to use, intuitive mindfulness.
Max Number of Attendees: 100
Date and Time : Every Saturday at 3pm Pacific Time
Signup Deadline: None