Yoga for Meditation

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Our philosophy brings yoga back to its roots. We practice beyond the physical aspects, diving deep into meditation. We practice yoga (asanas) in order to comfortably sit in meditation. The original reason why yoga (asanas) were created. Meditation can shape our life in a positive way. Freeing yourself through recognizing addictive habits. You can create happiness within through consciousness. This will allow you to slow time down to make positive decision throughout your day. I wish to share this transformative practice with you.

Rave Reviews:

Allie P.

  • Getting to begin the new decade with Wolf and “our pack” was something magical beyond compare. This isn’t your typical yoga teacher training program. Not only has my understanding of yoga, meditation practice, and pranayama practices vastly grown, but my heart and understanding of self have as well. From the very beginning Wolf made us all feel like a family, and that really was how it felt. The lessons imparted on during this time are things that will stay with me and influence me for years and years to come. Samadhi was also an incredible location with staff that felt like family. I would HIGHLY recommend this training and am so glad to know the wizard and be among his pack. Love and Light.

Olivia P.

  • A Yoga Wizard. I loved the open approach to yoga and meditation. Wolf was never trying to push any certain style or opinions on us. It was very open to individual interpretation, of course with good guidelines on how to do certain poses so we didn’t hurt ourselves. I really appreciated the emphasis on meditation and Breathwork aspects of Yoga, since in the West you normally only find pose-oriented yoga. It was truly a wholesome yoga experience.

Zach B.

  • Gracias! I’m so grateful for the powerful yoga and breath work practices that Wolf shared with me in his class. Before his class I felt completely depleted of energy and after his class I felt fully charged, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world! He did an excellent job teaching various different asanas and breathing exercises, while also correcting my alignment so that I could get the most out of the class. Another bonus of the class is that he creates a light, playful environment that gets rid of the pressure to be perfect and so I felt like I could find my own unique flow, which was really beneficial to me. I highly recommend his authentic teaching style to those interested in accessing the power of the breath and deepening their yoga practice.

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Teacher's Bio: Meditation & Yoga Teacher: Wolf Kinsmen, has over a decade of experience in Yoga & Meditation. He has taught and trained all over the world. In addition to his yoga training, he has studied Shamanic practices while in the Amazon of Peru and received the name 'Smiling Wolf' from Don Howard. He completed the Wim Hof Method Advanced Instructor Training. He considers himself a lifelong student of nature! He learns from teaching others. He does this through being himself and giving a genuine experience wherever he happens to be :)
Style of Offering : Interactive, via Zoom
Max Number of Attendees: 10
Date and Time : Multiple Daily Times - Message teacher for details