Life and Wellness Coach: Personal, Career, Family & Fertility

Why is true empathy so hard to find?

We make our best decisions when we feel understood, validated, safe and admired.

Let me be the wind beneath your wings. I will listen non-judgementally to whatever is going on in your life. Together we will make a plan. I will support you and be your champion. I can help you organize your thoughts and follow through on your dreams.

I have an abundance of empathy, and drive and I'm eager to share it with you.

Personal & Career

Whatever you are going through, I will be your coach. I will validate, support and challenge you to the next level. Specializing in trauma, life goals and career, whatever the challenges, I am here for you.

Fertility and Family Building

Are you struggling with fertility? Considering adoption? Solo parenting by choice or circumstance? Grappling with identity (professionally, creatively, sexually) while juggling parenthood, financial responsibilities and let's face it - lack of sleep? Are you overwhelmed thinking about how you can afford fertility treatments, organic food and daycare, not to mention university tuition for your child-to-be? Do you have a career dream that seems impractical? Is your newborn screaming and you can't figure if you are losing your mind or (s)he simply has gas? I have been there!

I have been through years of fertility treatments as a choice mom before finally conceiving with donor egg and sperm. I went to a family building coach during my fertility journey and the validation and resources it provided me were invaluable. And professionally, I have always found creative ways to support myself, and family. My story is documented in the Emmy nominated film Vegas Baby, which launched me as a fertility advocate and coach.

I wholeheartedly believe that everyone deserves a family who wants one and that "where there's a will there's a way!" I will listen, understand, and support you in your goals. My heart is open and my hope is strong.


"The infertility road can be so depressing and disheartening. It’s a relief to have Athena by your side, keeping your hopes up and having someone to share the emotions of the endless appointments and injections with. Athena is smart, knowledgeable about the process, clear-sighted and super supportive. Her empathy and excitement for you helps you stay excited through what can be a difficult process. She’s been down the road and she’ll champion you as you follow your dream of having a baby."
— Paz C., Toronto

"Athena’s empathy, intelligence, practical grasp of the world around her, and can-do attitude make her an excellent Family Building and Career Coach. Spend five minutes with Athena and it will become clear that she walks her own talk: good things happen in her own life through talent, smarts, will, and attitude. If you need some help clarifying or mapping out your goals, finding solutions to roadblocks, or receiving encouragement and practical information to launch you more fully into the life you wish for yourself, then Athena is for you."
— Nadia Pestrak, Choice Mum

Teacher's Bio: I grew up in a family of psychologists so this is our family business. I have been an art therapist for over 10 years, written curriculum for the New York City Board of Education and trained dozens of teachers who work with special needs populations. I have given dozens of workshops to teachers across the greater New York area. I also work as a singer and actress, and have taught performance workshops across the continent, at colleges and various diverse populations. Other areas of expertise include infertility, LGBT, family building, career coaching, performing arts, single parenting, freelance work, indigenous populations and women's issues.
Style of Offering : Individual
Max Number of Attendees: 1
Min Number of Attendees: 1