DJ Lessons - Beat Mixing/Dance Music (House/Indie/EDM/Techno/Etc)

Learn all the basics of mixing music and even advanced mixing techniques from a professional with a formal education and a wealth of experience.

Whatever stage you are in - from trying to figure out the right equipment for your music endeavor, to more advanced knowledge in sound engineering - the classes are customized to your specific needs and geared to assist you in gaining a solid understanding. We'll focus on 3 main themes:

1. The Equipment

-Your personal preference(s) and music purpose(s)
-Digital and Analog Technology
-Playback Devices
-DJ Mixers
-Sound Systems
-Outboard Gear

2. The Music

-Brief history of DJ'ing and Dance Music
-Music Formats
-Song Properties and Structure
-Music Dynamics

3. The Mixing

-Operation of DJ Mixer
-Mixing Techniques
*Advanced Mixing Techniques

Since the lessons are one-on-one, I will be using a personalized approach to your specific case/situation. We can discuss and cover a range of topics; starting from the basics, such as acoustics, cables, and connectors, passing through the different types of playback devices, controllers, and mixers, and all the way to more advanced signal routing and signal processing. The equipment (my setup) is available for educational and demonstration purposes, but you would (ideally) have your own equipment to practice and play. Just as developing any other skill, practice is key.

The most common and standard DJ setup nowadays is: (2)CDJ players and (1) DJ Mixer, or a laptop/controller combination.

The lessons can virtual or in-person, based on your personal preference and/or location. They are held on a per session basis at your convenience, and it can be a single session or multiple sessions:

One Session

  • Check it out, and see what is done and how is done
  • Inquire/talk about proper equipment for your case
  • Get a basic feel, demonstration, and direction for the craft

Multiple Sessions

  • More time for practice, demonstrations, and Q&A
  • More in-depth knowledge built upon the basics
  • More advanced techniques/signal routing/signal processing

If interested, please let me know the kind of music and equipment you play with, or are interested in playing with, and any other kind of information you think it's pertinent to your musical interest and specific case.


Teacher's Bio: Sound Engineer (A.S) and DJ with 10+ years of experience
Style of Offering : Personalized - Interactive Discussion and Demonstration
Max Number of Attendees: 1
Date and Time : Morning(s) - Afternoon(s) ... See Availability Calendar
Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance