Yoga and Classical Pilates

How Does Pilates Work?

Pilates works by combining breathing techniques with special stretches and a machine. It is a method of exercise which focuses on improving the body’s core by making the body more flexible and stronger. It is more dynamic than Yoga because it pushes the body through stretching and targets flexibility, posture and strength. By using the Pilates machine, individuals have to go through systematic moves, whilst holding their torsos in place and moving their limbs in different directions. This movement challenges the individual’s balance, strength and flexibility.

The Benefits of Pilates

The benefits of Pilates are noticeable and a lot of Pilates fans have reported that by doing regular Pilates classes, their bodies are toner, well balanced and stronger. After a Pilates workout, individuals instantly feel the difference in their abs, backs and legs. Other associated benefits to Pilates are weight loss, increased energy levels and a general sense of well being. Pilates is gentle and very effective. Pilates is an ideal workout for athletes recovering from injury, older people who may not have the capacity to do strenuous exercise, or pregnant women. Generally, Pilates is a great supplement to any exercise routine.

  • Assists in aligning your body
  • Helps in rehabilitation of injuries
  • A great work out for abdominals, really targeting on this area.
  • Stretches and strengthens the body
  • When modified, Pilates is great form of exercise for pregnant women
  • Weight loss
  • Well being
  • Increased energy levels

The Six Pilates Principles:

Centering, Control, Flow, Breath, Precision and Concentration

Calm Your Mind, Stretch Your Body, Soothe Your Spirit

This gentle, soothing yoga class will give you a mini-vacation from your day, while both relaxing you and giving you some energy. It will also make you FEEL great!


We’ll take a moment or two to set ourselves up comfortably. We will begin a mental scan of our bodies to notice how we are feeling. Then, we will begin to consciously begin to relax by focusing on our breath and breath patterns, through one or two of various techniques called “Pranayama” – Prana = breath, Yama = discipline.


Next, we’ll move through some gentle stretches and movements, “Asanas” – Asana = poses or moves to warm up our spine, bodies and breath.


We will move through some more poses with a bit more movement. We will add some standing postures, including “Vinyasa” movements – Vinyasa = flow, and balance postures. Here’s a secret. Shhhhh! ALL yoga poses are balance postures.

Cool Down

Time for some more delicious stretches! Then, you’ll have another chance to do one of the asanas from earlier that you particularly enjoyed.


Finally, you’ll be guided through a short meditation to guide you through the most important posture of all: “Savasana” – Sav = Rest, Asana = Pose. It is normal to find this pose the hardest of all. It’s where we do our best to let go and try to relax as much as possible. It is also the part where your body begins to give you all the benefits of each of the poses you’ve done, so it’s pretty important! It will be silent in the room for about 3-5 minutes, and there is nothing you need to do but rest.


You’ll be brought out of Savasana, and we’ll do some final deep breathing with some ending stretches and we’ll check back with our bodies to see how we are feeling now, as compared to when class began.

Teacher's Bio: Prior to becoming involved with Yoga and Pilates, I worked in the business world as an administrative assistant for almost 25 years. While I enjoyed it, I always longed to do something that was meaningful and helpful to others. When I discovered Yoga and Pilates, I quickly saw that becoming an instructor would be the best way to realize my goal of loving what I do and experiencing its benefit personally and for others. I have been practicing both for over twelve years and received my Yoga certification in Vinyasa Yoga through the ReGeneration Institute of Yoga in South Plainfield, NJ. I am also certified to teach Pure Classical Pilates Method (Mat) through The ReGeneration Institute of Pilates (Affiliated with PAI) also in South Plainfield, NJ and Pure Classical Pilates Method (Reformer and other apparatus) through Real Pilates, NYC. I am registered with the National Yoga Alliance and CPR/First Aid/First Responder certified. I teach mainly Vinyasa Yoga and Pure Classical Pilates, but tailor my classes and private sessions to each individual’s needs, goals and interests to bring them the most satisfying and rewarding class I can offer – one that will keep them interested in their practice and allow them to grow with it.
Style of Offering : Vinyasa or Gentle Yoga, Classical Pilates Mat
Max Number of Attendees: 25 if group session
Date and Time : Flexible