Introduction to Ayurveda Using Classical Texts (4 sessions)

This course will introduce the beginner to the foundations of Ayurveda using passages from the Sanskrit source texts for study and recitation.  

The instructor will guide students through the the process of learning and understanding concepts used in Ayurveda. Texts used for the course will include The Textbook of Ayurveda by Dr. Vasant Lad as well as relevant Sanskrit passages from the Charaka Saṃhitā (चरक संहिता), the Suśrutasaṃhitā (सुश्रुतसंहिता) and the Aṣṭāṇga hṛdaya (अष्टांग हृदय). A very elementary introduction to Sanskrit consonants and thier pronouncation will be taught and used throughout this course series to aid the student in memorizing and reciting the most relevant passages needed to develop a solid foundation in the ancient science of Ayurveda.

Teacher's Bio: Graduate Student of Asian Medical Systems (Chinese and Ayurvedic).
Style of Offering : Online
Max Number of Attendees: 20
Date and Time : Tuesdays and Thursdsays 5-6pm
Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance