Pranayama Breathwork

This particular style of Pranayama Breathing is extremely powerful. In a matter of minutes, you reconnect with spirit - and you're able to "see" for yourself, the physical resistance in your body. This allows you to identify the energy, shaking it loose and bringing it to the surface - often in the form of a benign memory. With regular practice, we can actually dissolve that 'energy-hold' on your body by simply releasing it to spirit.

I believe that breathwork, combined with pointed writing, are 2 very efficient and extremely effective tools for working on ourselves. And if we're not working on ourselves, we're either completely enlightened, or content with slowly decaying - and I don't believe any humans are completely enlightened ;)

Teacher's Bio: 20+ Years of Spiritual & Psychological Study including Pranayama Breathwork
Style of Offering : Pranayama Breathwork
Max Number of Attendees: 1