U.S. History, Government and Politics

Many things affect a person's life- their family, upbringing, education, occupation, health. This course will demonstrate how we've all been affected , especially during the Corona crises by various governments. Notice that I didn't say government instead I used the term governments.
We are all affected by many governments: locval, state and national. This course will examine the history, structure and framework of our various governments.

Teacher's Bio: Arnold has been a teacher of U.S. history and, political science on the college level. He has also had practical experience in politics as a campaign consultant and manager on the local, state and national levels; as well as having been a candidate himself on several occasions: New York State Judicial Convention, Delegate to the Democratic Party's National Conventions and a candidate for the NYC Council and the N.Y. State Senate.
Style of Offering : Using a variety of methods of communicating, including the Socratic system, whereby students are presented with a topic, issue or question and are encouraged to discuss, inquire and/or debate various answers. They learn from a variety of sources, including their teacher and fellow students. Textbooks are suggested, as well as contemporary and historical documents, including newspapers and a variety of magazines.
Max Number of Attendees: 20
Date and Time : To be determined by the students.
Signup Deadline: 48 Hours in Advance