Introduction to Drawing Cartoon Faces

The Introduction to Drawing Cartoon Faces class is for students who have little to no drawing experience or confidence in their drawing abilities. Students have 2 rules to follow: 1) Make lots of mistakes! and 2) have compassion for themselves and others. Students will learn how to represent the face using simple techniques, following my step by step instructions.

Teacher's Bio: Hello! My name is Daniel and I've been working with young people for over 15 years in outdoor education, classrooms, project-based learning environments, and camps. I've worked at camps in the US, Ukraine, and Russia and have taught caricatures through my nonprofit EPIC Smiles in the US, Costa Rica, and Canada. I'm currently working on my PhD in psychology with a focus in creativity studies. I believe in providing positive educational experiences the empower students to explore their talents in a safe and trusting environment.
Style of Offering : Online
Max Number of Attendees: 8
Date and Time : TBD
Signup Deadline: 48 Hours in Advance