GED Math Prep

The GED: Key to Success course uses the motif of keys—keys that unlock each student’s
academic potential.

Students will review lessons in mathematics including Decimals, Fractions, Ratios/Proportions/Percents, Algebra, Geometry, Measurements/Conversions, Statistics/Probability.

The structure will be as follows:

Lesson 1: Decimals
Lesson 2: Fractions
Lesson 3: Ratios/Proportions/Percents
Lesson 4: Algebra
Lesson 5: Geometry
Lesson 6: Measurements/Conversions
Lesson 7-10: Statistics/Probability

Teacher's Bio: Cybil (Haitian/French descendant) was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She loves to travel, curl up with a good book, bring out her inner child by going on the swings and can live off of chocolate, cheese and wine hands down. Cybil starting playing the piano at the age of four and the violin at the age of six. Cybil performed as a concert pianist for 15 years and was a part of the Miami Youth Symphony Orchestra for six years, consistently partaking in orchestra honors for five years. Although Cybil always had a love music, she adored science as well. She decided to pursue a bachelors degree in pre-med, Chemistry and a Master's degree in Public Health thereafter.
Style of Offering : Classes via Zoom
Max Number of Attendees: 1
Signup Deadline: One Week in Advance