Therapeutic Body Work With A Friend

Ever want to massage partner or friend but weren't sure where or how to start?
The following one hour courses are for you!

This course will teach you and a partner how to perform a 30 minute reflexology routine on each others feet. It will cover the history and theory of reflexology and a map of the common reflexes, proper strokes and techniques for performing reflexology. The format will include a short talk about reflexology and an exchange working on each others feet. Before the class I will send the participants a foot map and information on the reflexology routine. Participants will need to have a place to perform the reflexology treatment, preferably a chair that reclines with a foot rest, a massage table or cushioned mat to work on the floor and a pillow or two.

The Potent Points of Acupressure
This course will teach the participants how to work a variety of powerful acupressure points for the relief of headaches, stomach upset, leg pain, cramping and more. The points are accessed through the clothes so no undressing is necessary. It will briefly cover the theory behind acupressure and will include a map and description of the points to use after class. The class format has some lecture and plenty of hands on activity. An instruction packet will be mailed to you before the course. Ideally a table you can lie your partner down on to work would be great! But you can also use a cushioned mat on the floor and a few pillow or a chair.

Therapeutic Massage
Do you have neck, shoulder, or low back pain? This course will teach the you how to treat these areas with therapeutic massage. The work will be based on trigger point work. The participants will have one person working and one receiving for the class period. For this course you can work on your partner on a table (massage or otherwise), or a cushioned mat on the floor. Two sheets , hand towel, 2 small pillows and a small amount skin lotion or salve will also be necessary. I will send out information for you to reference before the course.

Sports Massage
This course will teach you how to perform a massage for your athlete to reduce muscle soreness and increase flexibility and performance. We will cover pre-event and recovery massage. The course includes information on, correct strokes and timing of massage . I will teach you to perform pre-event short format massage and a longer recovery massage. The format is 1 hour with one participant as the therapist and the other as the athlete to be worked on I will send information before class for you to follow along from. A table you can lie the athlete down on to work would be great! But you can also use a cushioned mat on the floor and a few pillows.

Pregnancy Massage
This course will teach you how to perform a pregnancy massage for your partner in a safe effective manner. The course will cover proper positioning, draping, massage strokes, massage routine, timing, contraindications and endangerment sites. The course will be scheduled for 1 hour with a short lecture and ample hands on time. You can perform this massage on a bed, massage table, or, on a cushioned mat on the floor. You will need 2 flat sheets, a hand towel, some skin lotion and 4 to 5 bed pillows. I will send out information to print out before the course that you can follow along from. This course is non-erotic in nature, that type of behavior is what got you to this point already! : )

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I look forward to working with you !

Teacher's Bio: I am a licensed Massage Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant. I wrote, managed, and taught massage therapy training programs for over 12 years, and during that time I also developed and instructed a variety of continuing education courses For over 20 years I have been in the massage therapy and rehabilitation field. Teaching is one of my true joys and I look forward to working with you and introducing you to the fun of helping your athlete in increased performance and speedy recovery.
Style of Offering : Interactive Massage Exchange with a Partner - through Zoom
Max Number of Attendees: 2
Min Number of Attendees: 2
Date and Time : Thurs and Fri Evenings; Sat and Sun Afternoons
Signup Deadline: 24 Hours in Advance